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12 July, 2014

Easiest bread pudding ever!

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This has got to be the easiest bread pudding recipe out there. It’s not only simple, it’s delicious. It’s just happiness in your mouth…When you make bread pudding, or any other dish for that matter, you have to put your heart, and soul, and ingenuity into the dish. You don’t just open a loaf of bread, pour in a bunch of liquid, stick a fork in it, and call it bread pudding. And trust me, I’ve seen people do that. It angers me!

A good bread pudding is made with slices or cubes of stale bread, soaked in a beautiful custard sauce, and then it’s baked until it is soft in the center, and slightly crisp and golden on top, which is a great balance for the softness in the center. If you don’t have stale bread in the house, you can use fresh bread. This recipe is actually made using pure vanilla extract, but I’m using cinnamon here. So get your ingredients ready, and let’s whip up some bread pudding!

You will need the following ingredients:

White bread12-15 slices

Softened unsalted butter


Ground cinnamon1/4 teaspoon or Good Vanilla extract2 teaspoons

Sugar14 tablespoons

Whole milk2 1/2 cups


Start by spreading butter on one side of the bread slices, and layer them in a 9 inch baking dish…
Easiest bread pudding
You can be more artistic, and creative, and arrange the bread slices in a pattern, or any other complicated design, but I tend to like the rustic look. Plus, I’m lazy. Next up, crack an egg into a mixing bowl, pour in the milk, add the sugar, and the cinnamon. If you’re cutting the bread into cubes, you can melt and cool the butter, and add it into the milk.
Easiest bread pudding recipe
Whisk everything together until the sugar is dissolved…
Easiest bread pudding recipe
Pour the amazing mixture all over the bread until the bread slices are soaked.
Easiest bread pudding
Now pop it into a 370 degree Fahrenheit oven, and bake for half an hour, or until the top is golden. I’m just going to eat it by itself without any sauce, and so I’m going to take it out a little early. You can leave it in the oven a little longer if you want the top to be more crisp.
Easiest bread pudding
Eat it by itself, or with sauce, or a scoop of ice cream on top won’t hurt anyone either!

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