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17 August, 2014

Chocolate pots de creme

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You’ve heard of the term ‘Death by chocolate’. Well, death by this chocolaty dessert is worth it in my opinion. This is so compulsively delicious, so addictive, that i think have developed a dependency to it. Pots de cremeas the dessert is known as, typically has a consistency a little looser then custard. And the flavor is typically vanilla or chocolate. This one is an easier version of the dessert, that i saw on a t.v show. Its so chocolaty, and so rich like there’s no tomorrow. And 100 percent of the time, anybody who eats it will moan and groan. And as if the dessert already isn’t good enough, it has orange liquor in it. Just one more reason i love this dessert. Just about everybody likes chocolate, and then coupled with liquor, the dessert was…enticing!

You will need the following ingredients:

Semisweet chocolate bar/chips12 ounces

Room temperature eggs4

Strong hot coffee8 ounces

Orange liquor(Grand marnier)4-5 tablespoons

Whipped cream


Chocolate pots de creme
Chop up the chocolate bar into really fine pieces, or if you’re using chocolate chips, put the whole thing into the blender…
Chocolate pots de creme
…and crack in 4 eggs…

chocolate pots de creme

Blend the eggs and chocolate, and while its blending, pour 8 ounces of strong REALLY REALLY hot coffee into the blender. The coffee needs to be extremely hot so that it melts the chocolate completely, and you get the desired consistency and texture for the dessert. Blend the coffee and chocolate until its smooth ans silky. If you see any small bits of chocolate in the mixture, then either your coffee wasn’t hot enough, or your eggs were not room temperature. Now, add about 4 tablespoons of Orange liquor(Grand marnier), and stir into the batter…
Chocolate pots de creme

…and pour the chocolate mixture into Ramekins, or double shot glasses, or whatever you like. And chill it in the fridge until its set…
Chocolate pots de creme

Serve with fresh whipped cream on top!Chocolate pots de creme

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